Who's Counting Bookkeeping Gold Coast

About us

Karen Howell knows small- to medium-sized businesses and appreciates just how crucial it is to get your work-life balance right. For more than fifteen years now she’s been running her own small business – Who’s Counting – but from mid 2018, she’ll be doing it entirely from a yacht somewhere off the beautiful Australian coast, working remotely while helping her clients put in place technology and cloud-computing systems that will enable them to step back and work from anywhere too.

Of course, Karen’s work life wasn’t always so ‘cruisy’. Like many small business owners, early in her career she made the mistake of taking on too much and not prioritising her health or home life. As her bookkeeping business grew, she struggled to find good staff to delegate to, worried about keeping up with demand and ensuring her customers received the quality care and attention she was known for, and began working nights and weekends. Work. Work. Work. Before long, she was a workaholic.

A series of tragic events finally gave Karen the wake up call to find ways to work less, live more, and save both money and stress. She implemented cloud bookkeeping and automated services that helped her manage the administrative and financial task of running Who’s Counting and gave her a new lease on life – and eventually, a dose of what she now calls ‘Aquatherapy’. And that is why she’s confident that, with a little training and technology, she can absolutely help you streamline your business bookkeeping needs too.

If you’ve ever dreamed of working from home, the mountains, the beach, or from a luxury resort in Thailand, harnessing the power of today’s technology can help you make your dream a reality. Contact Who’s Counting today at admin@whoscounting.com.au to schedule a personalised appointment or call 0438 422242 to discuss your personalised needs.